Tuesday, 1 September 2015

New Zealand Fashion Weekend

Thanks to Localist I was lucky enough to hold tickets to 3 events over NZ Fashion Weekend, marking the end of NZ Fashion Week!

Here's my vlog of Fridays opening night party:

Mini-haul from the Designer Garage Sale is coming soon..


Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Best Breakfast Smoothie!

In July 2014, Niomi Smart uploaded a morning routine video to her Youtube Channel. I can't remember why (perhaps it seemed like the key to achieving her beauty and grace was through consuming the same food as her) but, her breakfast enticed me.
I'd had smoothies before but they didn't really come into 'trend' until last year and this is how I discovered the idea of this densely nutrient packed, fibrous, fresh and filling breakfast drink.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Photo Blog: Lots of Flowers!

I've accidentally found myself surrounded by little floral vignettes at the moment and it's invigorating!

In the bathroom, in the bedroom, in your office - whichever personal space you choose, decorating with flowers brightens up the dullest of imaginations. They breathe life into a room and take little effort to maintain. Fresh flowers are natural air fresheners; with none of the chemicals and all of the purity. Personalize it with your favourite variety or just pick a bunch of wild flowers.

There is nothing more pleasant than brushing my teeth while the sweet scent of Gardenia lingers in the air and waking up to the overwhelming smell of Jonquils. I've mixed it up and have currently got one birthday bouquet from a florist, a little posy of flowering buds from the tree over our fence, and a bunch of random stems I picked walking my dog.

It's not often that I have this many floral pockets around me but it's so beautiful and relaxing, i'm going to have to up my flower game on the regular.

On top of the Bookcase

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My 19th Birthday!

What happens at the bowling alley, stays at the bowling alley.

So Saturday was my 19th birthday! Everyone told me that was a good day to have a birthday - but I didn't go out partying or get drunk and let loose as I assumed they were meaning. I just had the chillest day with my family and the hangiest evening with my friends doing what else? BOWLING!! Because that's how I roll ...sorry I just had to!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Turning 19.

My 18th Birthday; I progressively got very drunk and put to bed before 11pm

Ahh June the bittersweet Birthday month. For me that is.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Pressed Juices

On my last day in Melbourne, I really felt like I needed a bit of health kick and I wanted to start my day off right. I had walked past this cool looking juice store a couple of times over on Collins Street, so first thing in the morning I made a beeline for the Pressed Juices store.

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Best Brunch in Melbourne!

Stop your search. Look no further. I declare that I have found The Best Bunch in Melbourne.
If you live in Melbourne or even if you're just visiting, I implore you to pop into the city for your weekend brunch, to allow yourself the greatest mid-morning indulgence Melbourne has to offer: 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


So, I've been gloriously glued to the screen every year when May brings with it the less exciting colder weather, and the far more mesmerizing Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala, which launches the carefully curated exhibition to be on show for the next few months of the year. A myriad of celebrities show up (those that can afford the steep ticket price) and all eyes are on WHO and WHAT they are wearing, expecting to have followed a costume theme synonymous with the exhibition..

Monday, 27 April 2015

Notes & Explanations

The faint sound of a saxophone began to trickle down the lane, up over the balcony and in through the double glazing. Just as it was gathering momentum, the rain suddenly dumped itself upon the music and surrounding city.
I'm sitting here curled up on the sofa in my Aunts living room, in her apartment that backs onto the Bennett's Lane Jazz Club. It's a lovely snug feeling to be cocooned within a cold wet late April night in the heart of Melbournes CBD. I'm supposed to be writing a 2000 word essay on Audience Reception Analysis due tomorrow at 3pm, but found my aural surroundings to be quite poetic and felt the sudden urge to write about them. I'm also desperate to at least have something, I can physically show, come out of my lengthy hours of procrastination.

I believe spending 9 days in Melbourne could be a good time to re-start this blog. The blog I created at the height of the blogosphere boom and have been wanting to somehow re-instate of late.
So here we go.
I was required to start a blog for my Camera Class in my Film & Television degree this year, and after basically attempting to extricate myself from ever actually having to get started and therefore completing zero homework tasks for 5 weeks, (phew!), once I eventually got started I kinda couldn't stop.
All these ideas for blog posts started rushing in, every time I watched a movie I wanted to write about it on the blog, even though that wasn't really what it was for, and even other ideas that weren't even to do with Film at all like deciding where really was the best brunch spot?! So my aural sparked epiphany was to damn well take this blog, and do it!

Great, now that i've got all that off my chest I might take my makeup off, and continue my current (rather exciting) twitter conversation with British Director Carol Morley regarding her latest film The Falling and the subject of mass hysteria.

I do hope we will meet again!