Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My 19th Birthday!

What happens at the bowling alley, stays at the bowling alley.

So Saturday was my 19th birthday! Everyone told me that was a good day to have a birthday - but I didn't go out partying or get drunk and let loose as I assumed they were meaning. I just had the chillest day with my family and the hangiest evening with my friends doing what else? BOWLING!! Because that's how I roll ...sorry I just had to!!!
My mum and I did presents in the morning and I was still in my pajamas eating breakfast at midday! Then we managed to get out of the house and just went shopping for an hour in Newmarket. 

We literally didn't even leave Nuffield Street but I managed to have the loveliest hour i've ever had in Newmarket! We perused the shops, I did a little shopping and buying and we actually bumped into so many people we knew it was kinda crazy! 

Then we finished up by getting whoopie pies and sundaes for a little
birthday afternoon tea and the owner of the shop gave me complimentary birthday cake pop! It was so sweet and left me feeling the birthday love.

Then my friend Emily came over bearing (very generous) gifts! We went to collect my friend Ellena, and headed on over to my 'birthday party'. I'd chosen Bowling for my birthday almost 6 months ago.. (hah! eager!) So 10 of us were going Bowling and finishing off with dinner at this great Italian restaurant that I LOVE called Archies Pizzeria

We were all embarrassed to find we were so much worse at bowling than we had anticipated/remembered, so we did what any gaggle of sorry bowling buffoons would do, and drowned our embarrassment in carbs! I got my favourite pizza; prosciutto and funghi (aka mushrooms guys, c'mon gross!!!) and a cocktail I thought would be a lot fruitier/yummier/fizzier than it actually was... 
And then, right at the end, my good friend Izzy, just hours off a flight from Christchurch armed with a migraine, had made and delivered to the restaurant mini cupcake sized Bannoffee pies which were served with candles and accompanied by singing wait staff and chefs! The perfect ending to a perfect birthday.

It was such a lovely lovely day and all the txts, phone calls, facebook messages, emails, cards and gifts made me feel so loved and all birthday gooey and melty. It was the lovely low key day I had dreamed of and more! I want to give a big hug to everyone that made it so special for me as they are all so thoughtful and sweet. It made turning 19 not so awful as I had previously surmised..

ALSO Khloé Kardashian and I share a birth date, and funnily enough she also went bowling for her birthday this year! But please note, seeing as the time difference and all, technically I had my birthday before her and therefore did a bowling party first. So she copied me. Not the other way around. Just wanted to make that very clear..

This is a very photo-y blog post, so I hope you enjoy looking at snippets of my birthday evening,

Here's to 19! 

See you all again soon!

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