Monday, 27 April 2015

Notes & Explanations

The faint sound of a saxophone began to trickle down the lane, up over the balcony and in through the double glazing. Just as it was gathering momentum, the rain suddenly dumped itself upon the music and surrounding city.
I'm sitting here curled up on the sofa in my Aunts living room, in her apartment that backs onto the Bennett's Lane Jazz Club. It's a lovely snug feeling to be cocooned within a cold wet late April night in the heart of Melbournes CBD. I'm supposed to be writing a 2000 word essay on Audience Reception Analysis due tomorrow at 3pm, but found my aural surroundings to be quite poetic and felt the sudden urge to write about them. I'm also desperate to at least have something, I can physically show, come out of my lengthy hours of procrastination.

I believe spending 9 days in Melbourne could be a good time to re-start this blog. The blog I created at the height of the blogosphere boom and have been wanting to somehow re-instate of late.
So here we go.
I was required to start a blog for my Camera Class in my Film & Television degree this year, and after basically attempting to extricate myself from ever actually having to get started and therefore completing zero homework tasks for 5 weeks, (phew!), once I eventually got started I kinda couldn't stop.
All these ideas for blog posts started rushing in, every time I watched a movie I wanted to write about it on the blog, even though that wasn't really what it was for, and even other ideas that weren't even to do with Film at all like deciding where really was the best brunch spot?! So my aural sparked epiphany was to damn well take this blog, and do it!

Great, now that i've got all that off my chest I might take my makeup off, and continue my current (rather exciting) twitter conversation with British Director Carol Morley regarding her latest film The Falling and the subject of mass hysteria.

I do hope we will meet again!

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