Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

Packing for my holiday last month, I thought my computer would be fine as a means of entertainment in my free time, however I grudgingly threw Black Like Me in as I needed to give it ago (and what better time to read a book than at a wifi-less lakehouse in winter). After growing tired of limitedly using my laptop without internet I picked up my book and from that moment on was completely hooked! I was so pleased I had brought it with me. I was apprehensive at first as I am going through an embarrassingly long chick-lit phase and so did not feel like reading a fictional, highly topical-of-it’s-time book. I was misconstrued! John never wrote of a dull moment and his descriptions of his feelings are so attuned to what he must have been feeling. He can describe what is going on in his heart and his head like no one else. Also tied into our Black Civil Rights topic in History and it was a great accompaniment to studying the topic.