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So, I've been gloriously glued to the screen every year when May brings with it the less exciting colder weather, and the far more mesmerizing Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala, which launches the carefully curated exhibition to be on show for the next few months of the year. A myriad of celebrities show up (those that can afford the steep ticket price) and all eyes are on WHO and WHAT they are wearing, expecting to have followed a costume theme synonymous with the exhibition..
being launched.
This years exhibition is called 
China: Through The Looking Glass, and as per the website, 'will explore the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion, and how China has fueled the fashionable imagination for centuries'. 

So the fashion police are known to be more lenient with this event as it's generally known for heralding the wackiest red carpet of the year. This year was no different with some real gems emerging from the dust and without further ado I am going to breakdown, and review, the Met Gala Fashion; let the games begin!

My Best Dressed:

Sarah Jessica Parker and Zendaya Coleman.
I mean come on people! THIS is what the Met Gala is about!

What a KILLER Phillip Treacy headpiece!
All hail the Queen.
SJP - as a major patron of the event - actually nails it every year and this year was no different. Her outfits stun and surprise but they always completely embody the exhibition in one outfit. 
All hail Queen Carrie!

Zendayas sizzling sun goddess getup by Fausto Puglisi was incredible!
Then little old Zendaya who has been no stranger to fashion interpretation recently knocked everyone out of the park without looking like she was trying! 

...awkward front on.

Beautiful from the side...
Beautiful from the side..

She out Solanged, Solange (who looked beautiful from the side...just a little uncomfortable front on).

I also awarded Selena Gomez and Sienna Miller best dressed for their subtle
incorporation of the theme without being over the top.

Sienna asked for pants
-and she certainly wore them!
Selenas' Vera Wang gown incorporated traditional Chinese
knot decorations into her otherwise sleek modern silhouette.

Both of these looks use the traditionally decorated knot. 
The art of knotting is an ancient Chinese handicraft dating back almost a thousand years. It's updated in a black beaded format on both gowns, appearing on the front and back of Selenas gown, 'tasseling' off the straps, and as a belt detail in Siennas multicultural inspired two piece (the tassel also mimicked in her matching earrings).

Siennas pantsuit d
esigner Thakoon said to
"Doing it in red was just enough of a nod to traditional Chinese culture"

Honourable Mentions:

These people I featured for different reasons: Gigi Hadid because her mermaidesque DVF gown was SLIGHTLY CHINESE inspired if you look for it okay? (but also because I love her and i'm a sucker) and Chloë Sevigny, Karolina Kurkova and Georgia May Jagger for actually following the theme (unlike others whom we will not mention).
Also see anyone wearing Dolce & Gabbana - regal enough for any Empresses Palace. 
No surprises here! Chloë Sevigny in JW Anderson.

Georgia May Jagger looking very fitting in Gucci.
Karolina Kurkova positively on fire in Tommy Hilfiger.

The always gorgeous Gigi Hadid in Diane Von Furstenberg.
Now that we've oohed and ahed, lets get to the bit that really irks me! The theme was China, okay? C-H-I-N-A. A country rich with culture, unique cuisines, thousands of years of deeply ingrained history and a completely unique physical landscape including instantly recognizable landmarks. I get that yes there was that slight
issue of cultural appropriation, especially in the day of internet trolls, but props to those who put in the effort, and showed their intellectual ability by caring to wear a culturaly sensitive yet still theme oriented outfit that followed the dress code that is highly-regarded by the event! The rest can all get f****d and deserved to be denied entry! Beyonce pissed me right off! Like I acknowledge that Anne Hathaway was probably one of the worst dressed (cue Star Wars quips), BUT she did something different! Which I appreciate! And take Rihanna - although it may have been OTT and kinda ridiculous, (and I also do agree with the omelette meme) atleast she followed theme! She was Asiatic head to toe! I mean I cant even talk about Madge and Katy P who thought we were revisiting 2013's Punk theme (???), and Kim, Bey and J-Lo clearly held a council so they could all do nude and jewels and bums together!

But the one who stuck out the most to me, who clearly didn't know what event she had wandered into by mistake, was Reese Witherspoon. Poor thing, her publicist must have told her it was the Golden Globes again or something. Or maybe Jason Wu Who as he will now be known for no-one will care to know who wrapped this singular piece of fabric around her body, played a prank on Reese by telling her the theme was State Dinners. I am wholeheartedly pissed off by her attempt to attend such a wonderfully exciting and individually interpretive event, looking like she's got to lean over and ask someone - "Why are they all dressed funny?".

Sincerely. Embarassing.

Aaand thats about it folks!
I do hope we will meet again!

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