Niomi Smart makes REE-DIC-U-LOUS healthy good recipes (she's not only a vegan but follows natural, unprocessed, clean eating rules - and looks amazing for it!) and these are the ones I have personally tried and tested and loved!

Her delightfully Christmassy 'Chocolate and Almond Spiced Cookies'

The recipe is all natural and all healthy ingredients, using sugar, flour and butter alternatives. This recipe also contains no eggs making it vegan friendly! But most surprisingly they were so delicious! I burnt my first batch (no surprises there..whoops!) but my second batch I was so scared so I probably could have left them in the oven just a tiny bit longer to crisp up, but it meant that they were so soft and chewy and more of a brownie-like consistency. We served them warm out of the oven with a bowl of vanilla icecream and fresh cherries on Christmas Eve for dessert!

Her shockingly tasty 'Chocolate Milkshake'

Shockingly tasty because the ingredients that go into this drink give the most unimaginable sweet chocolatey too-good-to-be-true flavour. I don't use all the same things that she uses in this drink mostly because I don't use protein powder and I really dislike the taste of maca powder. The only other thing is I generally have coconut water more often than almond milk, so I just use that instead. Anyone who's not sure about smoothies and doesn't like the taste of a typical kale 'Green Smoothie' should try this to ease their way into smoothies and i'm sure it will change anyones opinion that healthy smoothies can't be yummy!

Her satisfying 'Green Juice'

I haven't been able to find a written recipe for this drink as it only appears in her first 'Morning Routine' video on Youtube, but when this video first came out I thought that the drink sounded so appealing, and I found myself getting really hungry halfway into my 3 hour morning lectures so I figured my current breakfast wasn't cutting it! I followed her making it in the vid and gave it a try and was so pleased with the result, a healthy yet satisfying smoothie that filled me up and lasted me the 4 and a bit hours between breakfast and lunch!