Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Best Breakfast Smoothie!

In July 2014, Niomi Smart uploaded a morning routine video to her Youtube Channel. I can't remember why (perhaps it seemed like the key to achieving her beauty and grace was through consuming the same food as her) but, her breakfast enticed me.
I'd had smoothies before but they didn't really come into 'trend' until last year and this is how I discovered the idea of this densely nutrient packed, fibrous, fresh and filling breakfast drink.

The first 6 months of Uni had been an adjustment period and going 4 hours between breakfast and lunch had been an adjustment I hadn't been able to master. Yet. After trying her smoothie on the first occasion, I witnessed a miracle. It completely filled me up so that I wasn't hungry again until lunch. From that benefit alone I was hooked and I slavishly made exactly the same smoothie as featured in her video for several months, using my own money to buy the expensive health food store ingredients and keeping them separate from the rest of the kitchen.

Since then I have adapted her smoothie recipe, and tested and tested and tested ingredients to discover my own personal go-to smoothie recipe. I've also found you can really be adventurous with them and find what new flavours work together as different fruits go in and out of season.

Without further ado here is my best Breakfast Smoothie.

Please Note:
Coconut Water and Coconut Milk have drastically different flavours.
Try both before deciding upon your ingredients -
I much prefer Coconut Water!

What are your favourite smoothie ingredients? Let me know in the comments.

Bottoms up!!
*inserts muscle arm emoji here*

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