Monday, 12 September 2011

The Carrie Diaries Actress Choices Are Awful!

So as you may know the Carrie Diaries is the prequel to Sex and the City and is now being made into a movie. I love Sex and the City and adored reading The Carrie Diaries but I hope the rumoured actresses stay just that - rumoured.
Apparently set to play Carrie is Elizabeth Olsen (younger sibling of Mary-Kate and Ashley), Charlotte is Selena Gomez (Disney actress and girlfriend of Justin Bieber), Miranda is Emma Roberts (niece of Julia) and Samantha is Blake Lively (Gossip Girls's Serena van der Woodsen). Firstly, Carrie is supposed to be short - Elizabeth towers over her sisters (not hard I know), secondly Charlotte, i'm pretty sure, is white and Selena, i'm pretty sure is Latina/Mexican or something (see Gomez), thirdly Miranda is feminist and ginger(!) while Emma  is girly and blonde and short, lastly I guess I just think Blake is too Cali-Girl for Samantha - a sex goddess.
So this is what I think, I have nothing against these girls or not sticking to the books detail for detail but still, they have become such a legacy and the actresses at the forefront are so associated with their characters that you have to get people who bare strong resemblances to the descriptions of their characters!

Here is my selection:

Carrie - Saoirse Ronan
Charlotte - Emmy Rossum
Miranda - Alicia Witt
Samantha - Emily Deschanel

Saoirse with mousey brown curled hair, Emmy with black hair, Alicia with short red hair, Emily with longer blond hair.

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